Individual Client Sessions

You can come here or bring us to you! We work on multiple mediums including Skype as well, for those times you really can’t do a face-to-face.

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Energy Medicine Workshops

Tailored to individual or company needs. We’re capable of meeting you wherever you need us bearing in mind that we are based in Perth Western Australia.

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Mini-Vid Programs

Various sessions compacted into short 3 to 5 minute videos sent straight to you via email or text. Up to you!

For those people who are on the go or just too busy to meet, we can be in your pocket, always available when you need a little energy boost during life’s events.

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Our Message

Energy Medicine is the oldest, most organic, safest healing process known to humanity.

It is the most accessible medicine there is.

Your body was designed to heal it’s self.

It is in your bones and DNA as ancient healers knew.

Chinese, Inca, Aztec, Greek, Ayurvedic, African, Native American and Australian Aboriginal shamanic medicine, Celtic, European folk healing, Egyptian, Taoist, these and many more civilizations, healed by various forms of ‘Energy Medicine’.


What makes us different?

Everybody’s energy systems are as unique as a thumbprint.

We view the your bodies complete energetic system, which gives us the advantage of numerous pathways to wellness.

If your tired of sitting back and being a passive observer of your physical, mental and emotional being, Energy Medicine will empower you to take control of your own wellbeing.

Energy Medicine can accompany ANY medical treatment as a complimentary health modality, or is a stand alone comprehensive wellness system.

Energy Medicine Australia specialises in; massage – pain stress reduction & management depression – auto immune disorders – aging – counselling – coaching life issues & transformation.

Next Steps…

Call, email, or text and we will be happy to help you on your journey to a happier and joyous life.

Call to Action

Most of us lead hectic lives, and this inevitably means that we are tired and lacking energy. At Energy Medicine, we use the best of both old and new, combining both modern and traditional medicine. We have a range of energy medicine for women explicitly designed to meet a lady’s needs in the 21st century. Of course, we have an energy medicine practitioner available to discuss your concerns. Our energy healing practitioner will be able to give you their expert advice and get you back on the road to optimal health and wellbeing.

After a consultation with an energy medicine practitioner, we will provide bioenergy feedback, offering holistic energy medicine tailored to address your symptoms, condition or general lack of energy. Consultations with an energy healing practitioner can take place face to face or via Skype. Skype calls are often preferred by those who have pre-existing health concerns and are worried about social distancing and those who lead busy lives or wish to receive a distance diagnosis. Naturally, all Eden energy medicine is available to both men and women.

Our energy medicine in Perth is available across the rest of the country or indeed the world. It effectively means that we can offer energy medicine across Australia with our online energy medicine easily accessible. With a focus on Eden energy healing, a new field with roots very much embedded in ancient medicine, our objective is to produce the best energy medicine for our clients. Donna Eden energy healing has immense healing powers and is an expanding energy field in holistic medicine. For this reason, we are firm believers in the benefits that anyone can gain from using Eden energy healing.

Many of you may have heard of Donna Eden energy medicine without fully understanding what it involves. The Eden method of energy medicine is central to all our Donna Eden courses during which you will become au fait fully with the ancient and modern practices. You will find that it is rapidly increasing in popularity with more and more people understanding and appreciating the benefits.

Our Eden energy medicine energy practitioners can offer remote energy medicine coaching, embracing all aspects of Donna energy medicine. Your energy healing practitioner will investigate the best energy medicine for you, and it will be tailored to your needs and lifestyle. It will have you feeling revitalised, and this is all down to Donna Eden energy medicine! Your energy clearing practitioner will continue to work closely with you to ensure that you are gaining all the benefits and answering any questions you may have.

As experienced Eden energy medicine practitioners, we are extremely professional, and we appreciate the importance of finding the right treatments. We take the time to thoroughly investigate your bioenergy feedback to find the best energy medicine and holistic energy medicine. Many people are initially sceptical about the impact of energy medicine for women can have, but after just a few sessions, that can not only see the benefits but feel them as well.

After starting one of our Donna Eden courses, you will be shocked by the dramatic impact of Eden energy healing. Indeed, many of our clients have even commented that they didn’t realise that they were experiencing any issues until they took Eden energy medicine. We regularly receive this type of feedback and indeed word of our service in spreading with more people requiring energy medicine in Australia.

The Eden method energy medicine treats the body’s nine energetic systems using carefully formulated practices that empower and add balance. Our remote energy medicine coaching courses are designed to take your unique energy footprint and define a bespoke course of treatment. Once we have empowered you to restore your energies’ alignment, you will quickly experience increased vitality, unlike anything you may have previously experienced from online energy medicine.

Our practitioners, Effie and James, have drawn upon their own Western medicine experiences, social work and meditation. They are firm believers that holistic medicine’s energy field is far more beneficial than some of the more radical treatments proposed by Western doctors. From their experiences, they can help you to change your life and restore your energy. Even those who have sceptical in the past, have been delighted with the benefits, sometimes when used in conjunction with medicine, while it is used as a standalone treatment.

In the modern world, more and more people are taking closer interest in their health. Rather than resorting to purely modern medicine, they seek the benefits of traditional Eastern health wisdoms that have been passed on for centuries and millennia. Eden Energy blends the old with new, combining modern Western medicine and scientific practices with ancient wisdom to empower individuals to impact their own health and vitality. We have studied both ancient and modern practices and appreciate that everyone’s genetic and energetic makeup is different. Using our knowledge and experience we empower and customise techniques that balance your energetic composition. Balanced energy restores health and vitality freeing you to truly enjoy life instead of living to get by. Energy Medicine Australia empowers you with support, techniques and a toolkit to create the lifestyle of your dreams filled with vitality and energetic balance. James and Effie developed severe medical issues which led them to Eden Energy Medicine in their quest for recovery. As such, it has become their lifelong companion, and Energy Medicine Australia is continually seeking to enhance our knowledge and understanding of the incredible branch of natural medicine. While never overlooking the undoubted benefits of Western and modern medicine, Energy Medicine Australia can combine and compliment any Western medical treatment, easing side effects and targeting effectiveness. East meets West, new and ancient practices puts you back in the driver’s seat with control and direction easing many of the side effects of Western treatments of today’s illnesses and diseases. Eden Energy Medicine is both a stand-alone comprehensive practice and a companion to any medical treatment for example highly beneficial in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation treatment. James and Effie found Eden Energy Medicine continues to improve their own health issues and is creating the life they always dreamed of full of joy and vitality. Together James and Effie formed Energy Medicine Australia to help others and to pass on their knowledge to the rest of the world.

So, if you would like to find out more about energy medicine, finding an energy clearing practitioner or you want to learn more about Donna Eden energy healing or Donna energy medicine, you can email us on effie@energymedicineaustralia.com.au or james@energymedicineaustralia.com.au.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with energy medicine in Perth.