Our Approach

Eden Energy Medicine is a new field with ancient roots where the benefits of Western Medicine and science merge with traditional Eastern health wisdoms. What this means for you, we treat the body’s nine energetic systems by using techniques to balance and empower.

Everyone’s energetic composition is as unique as a thumbprint. Here, at Energy Medicine Australia, we tailor our vast techniques to best suit you.

What sets us apart from others is that we involve and empower you, the client, in achieving and maintaining your own energetic balance which expedites your recovery and wellness. Clients begin a dialogue with their own energies and use techniques to restore their alignment and increase vitality.

EEM is a complete holistic wellness system, empowering you to be an active participant in your wellness. Energy medicine can also accompany and enhance any western medical treatment as complimentary support.

Our Story

Energy Medicine Australia and practioners literally span the globe.

Effie, originating from Canada and later Mexico, draws on the native traditions from the original peoples. Her background, having a solid foundation in Western Medicine, was rocked by a life threatening illness which ignited a desire to truly live.  The medical approach, having been radical surgery versus radiation treatment, sparked a quest for a holistic solution and a thirst for a radiant life.

James, originally from Ghana, Canada, and ultimately Australia, has always been interested in natural medicine and worked predominately in social work, meditation, counseling, and family mediation. In 2011, James suffered serious medical issues and discovered Eden Energy Medicine as a companion to his recovery. Based on the impact Eden Energy Medicine had on James’s recovery this created an aspiration for further knowledge.


Meet the Team


Effie Roberts

Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner & Teacher

With over 20+ years experience, my dealings with Energy Medicine have spanned the globe from Canada to Mexico to Western Australia. Along side Energy Medicine, I’m skilled in Naturopathic Massage, Reiki, Access Consciousness: the Barrs, meditation, and more.

Effie also speaks fluent Spanish as well as having a strong working knowledge of French.


James Roberts

Raynor Naturopathic Massage Therapist & Foundations Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner 

I first had contact with Energy Medicine in 2011. My interest was in healing myself both physically and mentally. Having always had an interest in helping people, I was drawn to Social Work where I’ve observed so many people who could benefit from Raynor Massage and Energy Medicine.


Yasmin Santiago

Tech Support

Tech Support for all Energy Medicine Australia’s .au sites and media.

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